Merrill's Marauders Chantrell Video Artwork

Type: Artwork
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1986
Genre: War
Reference: #1205

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More about this item:

Original Chantrell painted artwork (17 3/4"x 23 1/4") for the video cover for the 1986 video release of "Merrill's Marauders" (1962). The film starred Jeff Chandler & Ty Hardin & recounted the story of an American unit fighting the Japanese in Burma in WWII. Chantrell's artwork was used for a German video release (see courtesy of videocollector) but we are unsure if it was printed for the UK release. Irrespective Chantrell's design captures great likenesses of the lead cast & creates a tense scene set against the backdrop of the "rising sun" flag of Japan.

The artwork is gouache on Daler artboard. The blank black spaces were created for the overlay of text which was added at a later stage. There is a 1 3/4" area of tear damage to the upper left edge but this could either be framed out or restored. There are two protective paper overlays.

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