Little Big Man Chantrell Artwork 1970

Type: Artwork
Condition: Ex
Year: 1970
Genre: Western
Reference: #741

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More about this item:

A piece of Chantrell artwork (21"x 28") that reveals something of the process behind the creation of a Quad poster. In this instance, we have a very early conceptual rough, this being a mixture of 3 photographic figures & original hand-painted lettering & text. Although, an initial idea only, one can see several elements that were later refined & appear in the printed Quad (shown here for comparison - image courtesy of First, Chantrell's idea of the title typeface & the use of a yellow/orange contrast, comes to greater prominence on the finished poster. The key feature of three central figures is also replicated & though in the Quad, all 3 are images of the lead Dustin Hoffman, Chantrell holds true to his idea of the outer two brandishing guns whilst the central figure adopts a more passive stance. An intersting piece.

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