King Boxer Quad Poster Artwork 1972

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1972
Genre: Martial Arts
Reference: #1015

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More about this item:

Tom Chantrell's original finished artwork (18 1/2"x 26") for the Quad poster for "King Boxer" (aka "Five Fingers of Death" - please see image below of the printed poster). Kung Fu films were very popular in Hong Kong during the 1950's-60's but the international popularisation of the genre only occurred with the advent of Bruce Lee ("Big Boss" 1971, "Way of the Dragon" 1972 & "Enter the Dragon" 1973). "King Boxer", via Hong Kong's Shaw Brothers, however, was one of the very earliest Kung Fu movies to hit Britain, being released in 1972. To find original artwork for any of the early "western" Kung Fu film posters, is extraordinarily hard.

Chantrell's artwork cleverly incorporates the title into the design, the title being split asunder by a "karate chop". The artwork ably conveys a sense of violence, vibrancy & eastern exoticism. With the exception of the cast/credits script & the "Fastest chop..." tag-line, everything has been painted, even the title script, which was painted separately by Chantrell, cut-out & then overlaid.

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