Johnny Belinda Poster Artwork

Price: £195.00
Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1948
Genre: Drama / Drama
Reference: #348

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More about this item:

A rare early piece of Chantrell artwork for the 1948 film "Johnny Belinda". The artwork shows the star of this gritty drama, Jane Wyman, who won the Oscar for "Best Actress" with this role. The artwork has been cut-out & laid to card (12 1/2"x 19 1/2"). On the covering tracing paper Chantrell has subsequently provided a written explanation "Jane Wyman in "Johnny Belinda" circa 1950 - the pencilled grid lines are for the art to be enlarged to 48 sheet size. The technique is also for silk screen reproduction which might have entailed hand cut stencils".  Chantrell frequently "cannibalised" his artwork, cutting pieces out to be pasted onto other designs or re-releases or double-bills. One image shows the artwork as is, the other shows it covered with the wrap-over tracing paper, with Tom's annotated comments top right.  A fascinating piece !

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