I've Gotta Horse Chantrell Poster Artwork 1966

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1966
Genre: Musical
Reference: #696

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More about this item:

An original large painted "rough" (21"x 24" approx) for the Billy Fury film "I've Gotta Horse". It is likely that Chantrell would have done another rough before commencing on the finished artwork for the Quad poster as relatively little of the design here has made it onto the poster (Quad poster image courtesy of www.rockpopmem.com). "I've Gotta Horse" was the 2nd of two films Billy Fury starred in during the 1960's. His first big screen appearance was in the Michael Winner directed "Play It Cool" (1962), this also being a design & illustration by Chantrell (image courtesy of www.rockpopmem.com).

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