Hoffman Chantrell Quad Photo Artwork 1970

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1970
Genre: Comedy
Reference: #759

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More about this item:

A prototype design for the Quad poster for this 1970 black-comedy starring Peter Sellers. The artwork (20 1/2"x 26 1/2") consists of a b/w photo of Sellers & Sinead Cussack, pasted against the painted title to the upper portion & a scribbled credits section undermeath, framed with a black card border, all mounted onto artboard, with a tracing paper overlay. Two very different Quad posters were finally printed for the film, one unmistakably by Chantrell (though the example here has been censored for use in Ireland, the girl in underwear having been given a black dress!), the second B-Style Quad with uncertain artist attribution at this stage.

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