Hard Contract Chantrell Quad Poster Artwork 1969

Price: £795.00
Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1969
Genre: Thriller
Reference: #1250

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More about this item:

"Finished" Chantrell Quad poster artwork (18"x 24") for the crime-thriller "Hard Contract" (1969) starring James Coburn & Lee Remick. The artwork cleverly juxtaposes images of hitman James Coburn against the tool of his trade & a romantic clinch with Lee Remick hinting of the conflicts within the film. For an image of the printed Quad, please see the attached (but note this example has been trimmed): http://www.chantrellposter.com/Hard-Contract-Quad-Poster-1969-Original/481. Clearly the cast/credits text were re-positioned but the artwork remains the same.

The artwork is a mixture of painted gouache (some applied as additional pasted-on cut-outs) plus strips of printed script, affixed to artboard with the addition of a dark paper "frame" which Chantrell would have created himself. The likeness of James Coburn here is particularly good. Chantrell has signed the artwork.

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