Hangar 18 Quad Three Pieces of Artwork 1980

Type: Artwork
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1980
Genre: Scifi
Reference: #632

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More about this item:

Chantrell produced 3 artwork "roughs" (a rare case where his first attempt didn't suffice) & all 3 are sold together here. The first shows a space craft hovering above a car crash (16"x 21"). NB. Only the top 1/3rd of the 2nd exists (7"x 20") & this has been photographed superimposed on top of the final version. The final version shown (16"x 21") shows a space ship top left, another hovering to the centre & an image of the 3 leads to the right, this being the rough that was finally commissioned (please see an example of the finished Quad poster also listed on this website). Chantrell was paid a total of £460 for the 3 roughs & the finished artwork for this job. The initial print run numbered 1,000 with an additional 1,000 printed shortly thereafter (a relatively small print run making the Quad relatively scarce). These 3 pieces provide a fascinating insight into the genesis of a Quad poster (W).

Please note this lot is sold without copyright, reproduction rights, licensing agreements or any other type of legal release.

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