Frustrated Wives (Sex Farm) Quad Poster 1973

Price: £95.00
Type: Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1973
Genre: Glamour
Reference: #1080

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More about this item:

A poster which poses a conundrum as the film was released in the UK as "Sex Farm" but in the USA as "Frustrated Wives" & yet Quads bearing both titles exist. The answer may be found in the fact that the BBFC refused the film a certificate due to "excessive sexual content" & thus initially it was available to be seen in London only. It is likely that the name change on the Quad to "Frustrated Wives" perhaps accompanied the release to more "enlightened" UK authorities or the release of an edited down version of the film. The poster itself presents an amalgam of photo cut-outs & original artwork.

NB. This is a Chantrell "proof" poster & remains in scarce unfolded form. The poster grades as near mint.

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