Food of the Gods Reference Material 1976

Type: Other
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1976
Genre: Horror / Glamour
Reference: #947

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More about this item:

Being a trained technical draughtsman, Chantrell took care to ensure his illustrations maintained a high degreee of authenticity. He would frequently stage models in poses which he would photograph for reference. Likewise, Chantrell would often refer to library books or magazine pictures to ensure that his compositions were realistic. Here we have 3 items that Chantrell used to inform his illustration for the "Food of the Gods", being a magazine picture of a cockerel, his own photo of a cockerel taken at a local a farm & most interestingly, a photo of a model in the "damsel in distress" pose (a pose that Chantrell used frequently in his poster designs ie, "Quatermass & the Pitt").
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