Food Of The Gods Quad Poster 1976

Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1976
Genre: Scifi
Reference: #486

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More about this item:

An interesting Chantrell Poster in which the artist mimics B-movie Poster designs of the 1950's. Though giant rats figured in the film more prominently than the chicken, Chantrell wisely surmised that realistic illustration of rats might just turn the public off. Ever the perfectionist, Chantrell took great trouble over the depiction of the chicken, cutting out magazine images of chickens for reference. He also took his family to a local farm where he was able to photograph the birds close-up (original photo shown for reference). Also shown here is a photograph of a model reclining in a state of mock distress. This photo was taken some years before this Poster was produced but Chantrell frequently returned to this image for reference & it can be found on a number of Chantrell Posters including "Food Of The Gods". The photo is again shown for reference purposes here & only the Quad Poster is currently for sale. The Poster has a few pin-holes to the corners/rim but overall remains in EX condition.
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