Emperor of the North Chantrell Quad Artwork 1973

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1973
Genre: Drama
Reference: #1141

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Chantrell's finished painted artwork (22"x 29") for the Quad poster for the 1973 film "Emperor of the North". Starring Lee Marvin & Ernest Borgnine, the film is set during the Depression of the 1930's & pits Borgnine as a sadistic train conductor who pits his wits & fights a relentless battle against hobos trying to filch a free ride on his train.... enter Lee Marvin as king of the hobos!

A powerful piece of illustration by Chantrell, the predominantly red toned design hints of the violent nature of the film. Prior to going to print, an acetate overlay would have been applied carrying the certification & the tag-line, "From The Makers of the "Dirty Dozen" (see the Quad poster image below for comparison - image courtesy of emovieposter.com). Given that Marvin & Borgnine had starred in the earlier film (1967) to such great effect, it was natural that the distributors would make this connection. The artwork is detailed, applied to artboard with several painted cut-outs added to the right hand corner. Chantrell has signed the piece & it is currently framed & glazed. Please note, that the colours of the artwork are really bold & vibrant but the image shown has been taken through the glazing which slightly dulls the effect.

NB. Given the size, a supplementary P&P charge will be required & the artwork will be removed from the frame for shipping.

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