Eleven Chantrell Topless Reference Photos

Price: £75.00
Type: Other
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1977
Genre: Horror / Glamour
Reference: #1255

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More about this item:

Eleven 8"x 10" b/w photos (seven shown in the image) of models posing for a Chantrell reference shoot. Chantrell was always keen to use references to aid in his artistic compositions & would frequently refer to official stills, library books, magazines etc to ensure authenticity. Where appropriate material was unavailable Chantrell would photograph family & friends or hire a photographic studio & pose models as in this case.

It is difficult to identify exactly which film poster these photos were taken for. It's possible that they may have been for a Hammer promotion (the girl holding the reins suggestive of "The Viking Queen") but "Shock/The Blood Splattered Bride" (1977) has also been suggested & this seems more likely.

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