Draws Chantrell Proof Poster 1978

Type: Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1978
Reference: #633

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More about this item:

This zany American sketch show comedy was imported by David Grant & unashamedly set up as a "Jaws" spoof to capitalise on the success of the 1976 blockbuster. It is surprising that the poster didn't attract legal objections but as the film was launched in the USA as "American Tickler" & was fronted with a completely different poster campaign, the British "Jaws" version passed under the radar of litigation. The fact that the film was not a commercial success here also helped. As the print run was modest only, this title is extremely rare. Again, Chantrell's sense of humour comes to the fore with this poster design. Of interest to Chantrell collectors & Jaws completists alike. This is an unfolded Chantrell "proof" copy. For the purpose of comparison, the original "Jaws" Quad poster is also shown (image courtesy of www.moviepostermem.com)
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