Dr Crippen The Raven Quad Poster 1965

Type: Poster
Condition: Good
Year: 1965
Genre: Horror
Reference: #1253

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More about this item:

UK Quad poster for the double-bill release of Dr Crippen (1963) & "The Raven" (1963), this being for a re-release c' 1965-67. The "Dr Crippen" part of the poster bears Chantrell artwork whereas "The Raven" is an illustration adapted from Reynold Brown's American artwork. Interestingly in the bottom left are pen annotations made at the Allardyce agency indicating that Chantrell may have worked on the poster for a bespoke print run. The first annotation reads "Rialto Coventry" & the second "slip position".

Apart from the pen writing there is some grubbiness to bottom left rim & slight paper loss to upper left rim (just affecting white outer edge) but the poster remains in rare unfolded condition & this is a scarce title anyway. (MC)

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