Death Race 2000 Chantrell Poster

Type: Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1975
Genre: Adventure / Comedy
Reference: #857

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More about this item:

This is one of the classic Chantrell posters. Chantrell perfectly captures the OTT nature of this Roger Corman scifi B-movie romp, the lurid blood trails nodding to Chantrell's earlier work for the Hammer Studios ("Taste The Blood of Dracula" etc).  Although Chantrell's signature appears on the original artwork for this poster, it is missing from the poster itself. Occasionally, if Chantrell was unhappy with his work or felt his original design had been interfered with, he would remove his name from the finished artwork. In this case, however, it was probably a printing constraint or an oversight as there is no evidence that Chantrell didn't enjoy this production. In any case, this poster is now a firm favourite among Chantrell collectors. The film also witnessed the first important co-starring role for a young Sylvester Stallone.

This poster is a rare example being unfolded as it was the artists own proof copy. Apart from 2 small edge nicks right hand side & the faintest mark under the "N" of "CARADINE", the poster is near mint.

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