Death Is A Woman Quad Poster Artwork

Price: £145.00
Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1966
Genre: Thriller
Reference: #352

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More about this item:

Chantrell photo "artwork" (20 1/2"x 25") on artboard for this 1966 spy caper. This is essentially a photo of Chantrell's prototype for the poster which has a few painted embellishments by the artist (the air bubbles from the divers, the "X" certificate & white outlining around the figure of the woman). Clearly, this piece was a work in progress, Chantrell tweaking an image of his "rough", prior to being given the go-ahead to execute the final design.

The finished poster is shown here for reference purposes. It is somewhat spartan compared to Chantrell's normal poster designs & it is possible that Chantrell submitted this as a "work in progress" but the distributors decided to proceed regardless (this occasionally happened, often motivated by a desire by the distributors to cut costs).

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