Come Play With Me Chantrell Quad Poster 1977

Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1977
Genre: Comedy / Glamour
Reference: #824

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More about this item:

Probably the most famous of all British sex-comedy film posters. Chantrell demonstrated his commercial instincts with this poster, elevating Ms Millington to a starring position (left hand side). Please see the photo props that Chantrell used in creating the poster too (image included below). For an exhaustive introduction to the film, see Simon Sheridan's "Keeping The British End Up" (2001) & his book about Mary Millington entitled "Come Play With Me" (1999).  

"Come Play With Me" was a huge commercial success, running for 4 years non-stop at London's Classic Moulin. The allure of Chantrell's artwork, the popularity of the film & the presence of cult figure, Mary Millington, all make this a very collectable piece & a title that has sold previously at Christies Film poster auctions. This particular example is in particularly fine condition being a rare unfolded Chantrell proof. There are a few very faint stains to the rim but these are minor & do not detract from what is a beautiful example of Chantrell's work.

We also show what remains of the original artwork (currently also available on this website). Though it seems sacrilegious to us today, as a commercial artist, Chantrell was happy to take scissors to his work to re-use pieces for subsequent re-releases & double-bills & this is what has happened here (this is, of course artwork produced before the advent of PC's & Photoshop!)

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