Chato's Land Chantrell Letterhead Artwork 1972

Type: Artwork
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1972
Genre: Western
Reference: #1355

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More about this item:

Chato's Land (1972) Chantrell concept artwork (3 1/2"x 8 1/2" & printed letterhead.

Although Chantrell was primarily a poster artist he would occasionally take on other cinema advertising jobs (as well as LP, book cover, magazine commissions too). In this instance Winner Productions wanted some bespoke stationary & Chantrell was given the task of designing this & providing the finished artwork. Clearly this was an early concept as Chantrell later amended the design to include the star Charles Bronson, though the basic layout & colour scheme are the same. The artwork is sold with an example of the finished letterhead.

This artwork is sold without copyright, reproduction rights, licensing agreements or any other type of legal release.
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