Chantrell Plague of Zombies Concept Sketch

Type: Artwork
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1966
Genre: Drama / Glamour
Reference: #1257

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More about this item:

A Chantrell pencil sketch on layout paper (11 1/4"x 14") showing a man carrying a lady in distress.

Chantrell had a number of stock-type images which he was fond of using & this female pose is one of these. It crops up in several different guises, a close match being Chantrell's Quad design for Hammer's "Plague of the Zombies" (1966). Another good example is the Chantrell poster for "Food of the Gods" (1976) but this imagery appears in a number of different Chantrell compositions. Would look good framed with images of these posters.

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