Chantrell Cool Hand Luke Quad Poster 1967

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Type: Poster
Condition: Good
Year: 1967
Genre: Drama
Reference: #1474

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A rare UK Quad variant poster for the Paul Newman classic "Cool Hand Luke" (1967) with Tom Chantrell poster illustration.

Most will be familiar with the scarce "normal" "Cool Hand Luke" Quad (in red/blue/yellow as pictured) but this previously unknown orange version Quad is a bit special. The poster has some rim damage but although linen-backed, has not been restored. It carries Chantrell's printed signature & painted artwork of Newman & the sexy girl but we have to wonder why this poster was previously unknown?

Our supposition is that this was a "rush job" (commercial artists were always working to trying deadlines). It is likely that Chantrell's poster was for the earliest print run & maybe was restricted to the premiere & West End release & hence only tiny numbers were produced. Although Chantrell's likeness of Newman is tytpically accurate, it is just possible that on reflection it was thought that a cheerful portrayal was possibly misplaced for what was a particularly gritty film. The tagline "A Man Who Won't Conform" has been changed & strengthened on the second Quad to "The Roughest, Toughest Film Of This Or Any Other Year!", which might also support the view that the distributors changed their minds on the tone they wanted projected too.

The intriguing question remains as to whether Chantrell had anything to do with the second Quad? Obviously some design features were carried over: the use of block covers, the same image of the sexy girl (though a tinted photo on the second poster) & the same violent beating too, though Chantrell's signature is missing. It could be that other artists at Allardyce were responsible for the second poster design. We have no evidence in the Chantrell archive that Chantrell was responsible for the second poster but until now we had none referencing the rare first version either. We know that Chantrell bridled at "interference" so even if he had a hand in the later poster he is not likely to have signed it.

If anyone has any definite evidence that can shed further light on the topic, please let us know.
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