Chantrell Artwork Reference Photographs

Type: Other
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1983
Genre: War
Reference: #1029

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More about this item:

Images donated courtesy of Bulent Dumenci

Whilst Chantrell was first & foremost a commercial artist, he took pride in his work & often prepared & researched his compositions in great detail. We have detailed elsewhere how Chantrell would often photograph family members for reference in illustrating his posters ("Star Wars", "Walkabout" etc) & occasionally he would pose for photographs too. Often, Chantrell would borrow library books to study artefacts like a Colt 45 ("Chisum") or photograph animals for prompts ("Food of the Gods"). Here, however, we have two images of Chantrell wearing US WWII military garb. Although a little reminiscent of the "Patton" Quad, it is believed that these shots were used for a later period commission, possibly a video cover. Irrespective, it shows the lengths that Chantrell would go to to inform his designs with accuracy & authenticity.

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