Carry on Cleo Campaign Book 1965

Type: Other
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1965
Genre: Comedy
Reference: #1089

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More about this item:

The story of Chantrell's banned artwork for "Carry on Cleo" is well-known (Chantrell parodied Terpning's poster design for Fox studios 1963 "Cleopatra", Fox sued, Chantrell ended up in Court & Chantrell's design was pulled). Interestingly what we have here is a large UK Campaign Book (13"x 18" unfolded), which cheekily shows the non-offensive element of the banned artwork (omitting the image of Amanda Barrie reclining in the manner of Liz Taylor).

The 12-page Campaign Book is full of images of the marketing material (posters etc) produced for the film but given the legal action, no Quad posters are depicted. When Chantrell had to hastily re-design his Quad poster, he based his design on the "sphinx" image shown in the Press Ads below.

There is a 1/2" nick to the last 2 pages.

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