Carry On Spying Quad Poster Artwork 1964

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1964
Genre: Comedy / Bond
Reference: #1300

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UK Quad concept artwork (23 ½”x 28 ¾”) for "Carry On Spying" (1964).

This is a “highly-finished” concept artwork which is very close to the final Quad composition (see for comparison). Of particular interest is the “bendy” gun barrel. The Carry On film was clearly spoofing the Spy genre & James Bond in particular (note the “007” spoof in the tag-line & Kenneth Williams aping the classic Connery pose). Once again, Chantrell’s humorous approach caused problems (note "Carry On Cleo") & the Bond producers are believed to have threatened action so the subsequent Quad had the barrel straightened.
Some European posters still retained the “bendy barrel” which has caused some confusion in the market, some claiming that their “straight barrel” Quads are very rare being “banned” but this concept artwork disproves this & shows that all along Chantrell was intent on poking fun at Bond & was restricted by opposition at a later stage. Incidentally we sold the "bendy barrel" artwork for the UK 1-Sheet in 2018 ( -sold for just under £4,000 all-in) & the UK 1-Sheet was printed in this fashion. We believe that the reason the 1-Sheets weren't similarly released with "straight barrels" is that the majority of UK 1-Sheet posters were destined for export markets.

The artwork is on artboard laid to "Legion" artbord & consists mostly of gouache painted arwork, this either applied directly or otherwise on cut-out card paste-ons. The black cast text to the left & in the upper right tag-line are on printed strips. Chantrell clearly expected this piece to go directly to print ie, to be "finished" as he signed the piece.

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