Carry On Cleo UK 1-Sheet Chantrell Poster 1964

Type: Poster
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1964
Reference: #756

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Chantrell's poster illustration for "Carry on Cleo" is fairly notorious. "Carry on Cleo" clearly spoofed the Elizabeth Taylor blockbuster "Cleopatra" (1963) but the image of Amanda Barrie reclining on a chaise longe replicated a publicity shot 20th Century Fox used to publicise their film. Clearly irked by the irreverent tone of "Cleo", Fox lawyers went to work with accusations of plagiarisation & posters carrying Chantrell's illustration were recalled & pulped. Few have survived. With a very tight deadline to meet, Chantrell adopted a cut-and-paste approach to create an "acceptable" design for "Carry on Cleo" & we show the resultant Quad for comparison (image courtesy of

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