Carry On Cabby UK 1-Sheet Chantrell Poster 1963

Type: Poster
Condition: Ex
Year: 1963
Genre: Comedy
Reference: #755

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Though Chantrell is particularly associated with the Hammer franchise (illustrating all their UK posters 1965-70), Chantrell also made a very important contribution to another important British institution, that of the "Carry On" series. Chantrell provided poster artwork for "Carry on Cabby" (1963), "...Jack" (1963), "...Spying" (1964), "....Cleo" ((1964), "...Cowboy" (1965) & "...Spying" (1965). It is no coincidence that these are pretty much the most sought after posters in the entire "Carry On" cannon.

The poster presented here is the UK 1-Sheet for Chantrell's debut "Carry On" illustration, the bold & colourful design setting the tone beautifully.

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