Campsite Massacre / Hellcats Mud Wrestlers Quad Poster

Type: Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1983
Genre: Horror / Glamour
Reference: #580

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More about this item:

A lovely OTT poster design for this exploitation double-bill twinning the American horror film "Campsite Massacre" (featuring an early performance by Daryl Hannah) with the David Sullivan "masterpiece", "Hellcats Mud Wrestlers" (this later film covered in Simon Sheridan's excellent book "Keeping The British End Up"). The image of the gfirl shielding her face bottom left, is a pose Chantrell favoured & which regular viewers of this site will have seen in various other Chantrell work (ie, "Quatermass & The Pitt").

As a Chantrell proof copy, this poster comes in rare unfolded form. The poster will be as close to mint as you are ever likely to find. As with all items sold from this site, the poster comes with written provenance from the Chantrell archive.

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