Bullitt Reference Stills Photos 1968

Type: Other
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1968
Genre: Thriller / Drama
Reference: #494

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More about this item:

Three 8"x 10" original b/w Stills from "Bullitt" which Chantrell used as reference for his two Quad Posters for the film. The image of McQueen pointing his gun was obviously very influential as can be seen from both the Style-A & Style-B Chantrell Quad designs. Included also is a 7"x 10" Photo of an early cut-out Photo design for the Posters. Like other Poster artists, Chantrell would generally (but not always) have a chance to preview the film he was designing a Poster for. Usually (but again not always), Photos from the film or from the Set of the film would also be supplied in order to give inspiration & add to the accuracy of the Poster illustration. These original reference pieces from the archive would be a perfect accompaniment for anyone lucky enough to own an original "Bullitt" Quad & will be issued with written testament that they have come from the Chantrell archive too.
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