Bullitt Chantrell Quad Posters 1968

Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1968
Genre: Thriller
Reference: #617

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Images donated by fiskenposter.com & moviepostermem.com

Chantrell provided two highly distinctive designs for the 1968 Steve McQueen film "Bullitt". The Style-A poster gave particular prominence to McQueen (& his gun), Chantrell employing a concentric painting technique which conjurs the sense of a gun barrel (image courtesy of www.moviepostermem.com). For the Style-B Quad design, Chantrell simply lifted the key ingredient from his first design (the economy of effort being a mark of a busy & intelligent commercial artist) but superimposed graphics of two racing cars, one streaming flames. "Bullitt" is now renowned for it's iconic car chase, this sequence setting the template for all future film car chases. At the time, however, few recognised the importance of this segment, so it is testimony to Chantrell's eye for the significant & the commercial that he highlighted this feature (image courtesy of www.fiskenposter.com).

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