Buddy Holly Story Chantrell Artwork 1978

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1978
Genre: Musical
Reference: #840

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More about this item:

The original finished Chantrell artwork for the 1978 biopic about Buddy Holly. A number of roughs by artist Brian Gough were commissioned for this Quad poster but when these failed to satisfy, Chantrell was brought in & produced a single rough & this finished artwork (21"x 28") for which he was paid £270. We show the completed artwork & the artwork with an acetate overlay (this 2nd design mostly unused).

The artwork is laid onto artboard & demonstrates Chantrell's fondness for bold day-glo titles. The illustration (Holly's hand on the neck of the guitar) also extends beyond the normal rectangular bounds of the board. This was another quirk of Chantrell's & a deliberate device to extend the illustration into the white margin of the poster as the finished Quad clearly shows. Also of interest in this piece, is evidence of Chantrell experimenting with some air-brush illustration (ie, the spot-light glares). This item is also being offered via www.rockpopmem.com

The film was critically acclaimed, being nominated for 3 Oscars & winning the Oscar for "best Musical Score".

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