Brighton Rock Chantrell Artwork 1947

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1947
Genre: Drama
Reference: #914

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Image donated anonymously.

Original Chantrell painted artwork (16”x 22”) for one of the most important British films of the 20th century, “Brighton Rock” (1947). Having been demobbed in ‘46, Chantrell retuned to Bateman’s advertising agency & the commission for “Brighton Rock” was one of the earliest cinema poster jobs Chantrell undertook. Chantrell produced artwork for both the UK Quad & 1-Sheet posters (images courtesy of &, the design creating an ambience of threat & unease that perfectly complimented the film. The artwork here is for a supplementary commission for a bespoke double-crown poster for the Warner Theatre, Leicester Square. It was common practice till the 1970’s for some of the bigger West End cinemas to use special tailor made posters & this artwork is for one such assignment. Chantrell uses imagery which is similar to the posters used for the general release campaign but here incorporates some added colour.

This piece is not only one of the earliest examples of original Chantrell poster artwork to have survived but it clearly was also a piece that struck a real chord with the artist. Chantrell framed the artwork for display in his home & some years later he completed a second artwork which was essentially a self-portrait of himself at work on the “Brighton Rock” painting! For more information, please refer to Sim Branaghan’s book “British Film Posters” (2006).
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