Boy On A Dolphin (Loren) UK DC Poster

Price: £245.00
Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1957
Genre: Adventure / Drama
Reference: #473

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More about this item:

An original 1957 "Boy On A Dolphin" UK double-crown Poster (20"x 30"). Five years before Ursula Andress emerged from the sea in her bikini in "Dr No", Sophia Loren emerged from the Aegean in a dripping yellow dress. The impact in both cases was similar, the public's imagination was captivated & both actresses were catapulted to international stardom. Chantrell captures the moment on this Poster but in recognition of the more demure times, he restrains the inclination to show the yellow dress in full body clinging glory (photo supplied courtesy of the The blank "illustration" of the boy on the dolphin has an obviously unfinished look. It is possible that this was a deliberate device uised by Chantrell to spark curiosity but it could well be an example of artwork being accepted by the Distributor before it was properly finished (such instances did occur). Ms Loren's male lead in the film was the vertically challenged Alan Ladd. For a scene where the two walk together along a beach, a trench was dug for Loren to walk in! The Poster has minor edge damage to the white rim but overall remains in EX condition.
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