Bedazzled Chantrell Artwork 1967

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1967
Genre: Comedy
Reference: #979

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Chantrell's finished artwork (21"x 29") for the Peter Cook & Dudley Moore masterpiece "Bedazzled" (1968). In the film, Cook plays the devil (aka "Mr. Spiggott") & Moore plays the hapless figure granted seven wishes (each wish goes disastrously wrong). Scripted by Cook & Moore, "Bedazzled" represents arguably their best performance on the big screen. Though Raquel Welch added Hollywood glamour with her cameo role as "Lillian Lust", fellow leading lights of the satirical movement, Eleanor Bron & Barry Humphries, were also on hand to assist Pete & Dud.


Chantrell created a glorious poster design for "Bedazzled" (the finished Quad poster shown courtesy of The day-glo colour rim strips resonate with the pop-art sensibilities of the time, whilst the images of both Pete & Dud possess an almost a photographic likeness. The US 1-Sheet poster by comparison (image courtesy of, chooses to focus on the American lead, Ms Welch. Though clearly an understandable marketing ploy for the domestic audience, in artistic terms the poster cannot compete with the UK alternative.


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