Ayesha Daughter of She (Hammer) 1967

Type: Artwork
Condition: Good
Year: 1967
Genre: Adventure / Glamour
Reference: #640

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Following the great success of Hammer's "She" (1965), Hammer endeavoured to find a sequel. Ursula Andress, star of "She" was presented with a script entitled "She, Goddess of Love" but turned it down. Several other titles were mooted including "Ayesha, Daughter of She" & in characteristic style, Chantrell was commissioned to produce some pre-production artwork. What we have here is a large xerox type copy of a photo of Chantrell's original artwork, measuring 20"x 27" approx. To capitalise on the success of "She" (which was Chantrell's first poster for Hammer), Chantrell developed the idea of the title itself comprising the major part of the artwork. There are some scuffs & several conservation edge repairs but this remains a fascinating piece which provides a valuable insight into the process by which Hammer films were developed & brought to screen.

For the purpose of comparison, we show the Quad poster for "She" & the poster for "The Vengeance of She" (1968) which "Ayesha..." eventually became, both posters illustrated by Chantrell (images courtesy of www.moviepostermem.com)

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