The Miracle Chantrell Artwork 1959

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1959
Genre: Drama
Reference: #624

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More about this item:

Image donated courtesy of the Chantrell family

Chantrell's original artwork for the 1959 historical drama "The Miracle" (the artwork measuring 18"x 27 1/2"). The cast & credits text was added at a later stage as the image of the Quad poster shows. Poster artists would generally receive a synopsis & stills in advance as reference points to help in the design & illustration of the associated marketing material. Ideally, they would also see a preview of the film in advance too. In the case of "The Miracle", however, Chantrell received scant early information & so let us imagination run free. As the artwork shows, the film promised some rip-roaring action. Unfortunately, the film was more historical drama with strong religious themes & the spectacular battle scene was conspicuous in it's absence. As a consequence, young boys expecting a 50's action adventure were disappointed & several complaints were made. A striking early piece of Chantrell original artwork nonetheless.

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